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Intellectual Properties and Copyrights

We offer full service in all aspects of intellectual property rights in Vietnam. Our patent and trademark attorneys, with over ten years of experiences as intellectual property agents and senior patent and trademark examiners, employ their intensive knowledge and valuable Governmental contacts to manage our clients’ intellectual property issues with speed and efficiency.

Our services include:                                                            


  • Registration and renewal in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

  • Conducting searches and providing advice on registrability of mark

  • Cancellation of wrongful registrations and/or on the basis of non-use

  • Litigation

Patents For Inventions, Utility Solutions and Industrial Designs

  • Registration including entry of national phase of PCT applications in Vietnam

  • Conducting searches and providing advice

  • Procedures for annuity payment

  • Amendment and restructuring of specifications and claims

  • Litigation with respect to patents and industrial designs


  • Registration

  • Providing advice on copyright matters

  • Litigation

Licensing, Franchising, Technology Transfer


  • Providing advice on and drafting assignment, license, franchise and technology transfer agreements

  • Applying approval of and registration of assignment, license, franchise and technology transfer agreements

Anti-counterfeiting and IP infringement

  • Discovering infringement activities, infringing products and counterfeits.

  • Investigation to collect evidence of infringement.

  • Conducting market surveillance and other activities to procure information of        trademarks, products and companies. Making reports on certain kind of sector, product or company.

  • Carrying out necessary legal procedures to settle infringement.

  • Coordinating with authorized state agencies to settle the infringement.

  • Providing post-settlement service, strictly monitor infringe to follow their undertaking.

  • Publicizing on mass media of the infringement.

Other services